I have been the “Fat” kid my entire life. I have struggled with extreme low self-esteem, as well as depression. In high school, I missed many days of school because depression took over and I just did not have the energy to face the world. After college, I started working in the IT field and the majority of my week I would sit behind a desk. I had a diet that consisted mainly of fast food and other types of junk food. I couldn’t take a flight of stairs without feeling like a wounded animal. I still remember the day when I tipped the scales at 300lbs. I felt so depressed and all I could think of doing was running to the first fast food joint I could find.

I finally hit rock-bottom (at least that is what I thought) when I reached my highest weight of 340lbs. I was 23 at the time and realized I needed a big change in life.  After not much research, I decided to get the Lap-Band surgery. Weight-loss surgery may be a good route for many people but for me it was one of the worse ideas I have ever had. I spent a ton of money and yes, I did lose 80lbs but I didn’t know anything about nutrition and I never exercised. I became more “skinny fat”. I was still extremely unhealthy and would eat unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, I ended up gaining every single pound back and felt twice as depressed and alone.

It took me another 6 years to hit another rock-bottom. I have a few reasons that finally pushed me to get serious about changing my life for good. The first reason was my doctor told me and I quote, “If you do not lose weight you will die before you reach 40”. I couldn’t believe he honestly said that to me.  The sad thing is that still didn’t get me to make any real significant changes. The second major reason was I really felt alone and wanted to start a family. I had zero confidence in myself to go out and date and I knew that wasn’t going to happen until I made changes. Again, that wasn’t enough of a reason. The third and final reason that pushed me over the edge was losing a family member who was only 33 years old. It was the first time I lost someone I loved and cared about at such a young age. It really affected me in ways I can’t explain. Finally, I realized I needed help.

I reached out to a cousin who was an avid weight-lifter. Among many others I owe him my life. He got me started on a nutrition plan and workout plan around two years ago. Within 3 months, I lost 40lbs and within a year, I lost 100lbs. I felt awesome and I finally learned what it meant to live a healthier life-style and that there is no such thing as “dieting”.  To become healthy you really do have to think of it as a complete life-style change. I am not saying it has been easy. In fact, it has been the most difficult thing I have ever done. I also learned that one of the most important things you need is a strong support system consisting of people who share the same goals as you do.

In my journey, I found a love for body building. I never thought that was possible because before I started forcing myself to workout, I hated it. Now I am borderline obsessed with body-building. Last November, I started having a ton of joint and muscle injuries that pushed me to really seek professional help. After some research in the St. Cloud area, I found Kami at Fitmiss Training. I chose Kami because she had a ton of experience and great qualifications. I couldn’t have been happier with Kami as my trainer. She not only taught me correct form (not to mention how important rep speed and form is in training) but she has also put together a great nutrition plan to perfectly fit my fitness goals. Along with the nutrition plan she has been teaching me the importance of timing of meals, as well as, what type of food to eat in the morning versus evening. I couldn’t be more impressed with Kami at Fitmiss Training. I have seen some unbelievable gains in muscle mass, improvements in form, as well as knowledge of weight training overall.

My journey has only started. Currently, I have lost 140lbs over the last two years. I have gained a great amount of muscle mass and strength since the beginning.  I know I will have some extreme struggles along the way, and I still haven’t hit my ultimate goals yet but with a great support system like Kami, as well as my family and friends, I know I will be successful.