Attitude is everything.

    New Day, New Strength, New Thoughts.















    I want to INSPIRE people. I want someone to say…

    “Because of you, I did not give up.”


Are you looking for a little inspiration and accountability to make that lifestyle change STICK this time? Tired of "starting over" or saying, "I will start on Monday"? Whether you are looking for a jump start, a workout plan to follow at home, a little bit of guidance in establishing healthier eating habits, or a HUGE kick in the pants to become healthier in every way, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!
Together, let's target your specific goals around your physical health and overall sense of well-being. I offer personal training, customized online monthly workout plans, bootcamps, nutrition guidance, wellness coaching, and so much more!

  • One-on-One

    Sessions are either ½ or hour long and tailored specifically for you. I design each workout with your medical history and goals in mind. There will be weekly weigh-ins, body fat checks, and measurements taken to help hold you accountable to reaching your goals… Packages starting at $35 for 1/2 hour sessions and $60 for hour sessions

  • Buddy Training: Split between 2

    Grab a friend and get in shape together. Not a time for chatting but working hard and pushing each other past your comfort zone and into the next size down. Learn the workouts so that you can continue pushing each other in the future. Sessions are $40 per person

  • Group Sessions

    These classes are non-stop, heart pounding, challenging and fun! The sessions are intended to target your entire body with core and functional performance training, full-body muscle toning, and fat BLASTING. Group sessions run for an hour jam-packed with circuit style training using your body weight, free weights, nautilus equipment, kettlebell, plyometrics, and much, much more!! $20 per class/person

  • Pre and Post-natal Sessions:

    With your doctor’s approval, attend weekly sessions to be ready when your bundle of joy enters the world. Research has shown that if you exercise and keep in shape during pregnancy, labor and delivery are much easier. Also, the faster your body will bounce back into pre-baby shape. I have had two very healthy pregnancies and awesome deliveries. Ask me my story!

  • Bridal Bootcamp

    Every bride-to-be has a goal of looking fabulous in their wedding dress and in their pictures. Look back at your pictures and LOVE how you looked on your special day. Don’t regret not taking the time before your big day to get your body fit and toned. Bring your bridal party, mother, mother-to-be, anyone you like. Ask me for pricing and testimonials!

  • Online Monthly Workout Plans

    CUSTOMIZED workouts written up with YOUR specific conditions, goals, and realistic expectations in mind. This is not a cookie-cutter online training program where everyone gets the same workout to follow for the month. I will write you up a workout plan to follow at home or at your gym. Prices will vary depending on what you are looking for.

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A body in motion stays in motion,
While a body at rest seeks more rest.

About Me

I have been a personal trainer and health coach since 2005 and LOVE my job! I love the energy I have from moving my body all day and challenging my mind with new and unique workouts for each of my clients. I have been so blessed with meeting so many different individuals, being a part of their weight loss/gain journey, and having such great satisfaction at the end of the day from doing something that truly helps and makes a difference in people's lives. I meet my client where they are at in their fitness journey and give them the tools and education to be successful in what they want to accomplish.

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  • Kami Pribnow

    Owner & Personal Trainer

I am perfectly imperfect

and I am happy with that!

I couldn’t have been happier with Kami as my trainer. She not only taught me correct form (not to mention how important rep speed and form is in training), but she has also put together a great nutrition plan to perfectly fit my fitness goals, Thanks Kami…


Thank you to Kami for mentoring and training me. She is not only an awesome trainer but a great friend as well!…


I would definitely recommend training with Kami to any other bride looking to get in shape for her wedding.  If you’re motivated to put in the effort for your big day, you’ll absolutely get the results you want with Kami!…


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In order to make a lifestyle change, you must be willing and happy to exercise and eat a certain way for the rest of your life. If it is not a realistic approach to keeping you at a healthy weight, for instance cutting food groups from your diet or drastically cutting calories, you will turn to old ways and in turn, go back to the way things were when you first wanted to make changes. Start small, and incorporate new clean foods and healthy meals into your diet gradually. Soon you will be eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and be HAPPY you did.

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