One-on-One Sessions:

Sessions are either ½ or hour long and tailored specifically for you. I design each workout with your medical history and goals in mind. There will be weekly weigh-ins, body fat checks, and measurements taken to help hold you accountable to reaching your goals. No workout is ever the same and I promise you will not get bored with the variety I offer. Every program I set-up for individuals offers nutrition guidance and suggestions, and a cardio and strength-training plan to meet you where you are at and take you where you want to go. It may not always be easy but it is worth it! Packages starting at $35 for 1/2 hour and $60 for hour sessions.

Buddy Training: Split between 2:

Grab a friend and get in shape together. Not a time for chatting but working hard and pushing each other past your comfort zone and into the next size down. Learn the workouts so that you can continue pushing each other in the future. Sessions priced at $40/person.

Group Sessions:

These classes are non-stop, heart pounding, challenging and fun! The sessions are intended to target your entire body with core and functional performance training, full-body muscle toning, and fat BLASTING. Group sessions run for an hour jam-packed with circuit style training using your body weight, free weights, nautilus equipment, kettlebell, plyometrics, tire flipping and much, much more!! Sessions priced at $20/person.

Pre and Post-natal Sessions:

With your doctor’s approval, attend weekly sessions to be ready when your bundle of joy enters the world. Research has shown that if you exercise and keep in shape during pregnancy, labor and delivery are much easier. Also, the faster your body will bounce back into pre-baby shape. I have had two very healthy pregnancies and awesome deliveries. Ask me my story!

Bridal Bootcamp:

Get your body in dress worthy shape by attending bridal bootcamps on dates and times your group chooses. Every bride-to-be has a goal of looking fabulous in their wedding dress and in their pictures. Look back at your pictures and LOVE how you looked on your special day. Don’t regret not taking the time before your big day to get your body fit and toned. Bring your bridal party, mother, mother-to-be, anyone you like. Ask me how to get the bridal discount!


It’s time to get moving! Everyone starts at a very different level and I meet you where you are at right now. My goal is to make you more fit and strong, not to hurt you! I strive to change your view about exercise from dreading it to looking forward to it. Make it fun! Exercise should be something you do every day that makes you feel good and you truly enjoy doing. Invest in your health and in your future. I will make training affordable for any budget. Ask about discounts and promotions today!

Monthly workout plans written up:

I can write up plans for you to follow at home or at your gym. These workouts are designed off of your specific medical conditions, your desired goals, realistic expectations for how many days a week and length of time you can commit to working out, intensity level, and your fitness history.
Whatever you are looking for, I have the workout plan for you!